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Tosiba Cooking Pot-Set Of 4

15,000.00 12,500.00

The Tosiba set 4 Pot takes care of all your cooking needsThis set 4 pot is very good and essential for every home. You just rented and apartment and don’t have much in your bank account, this set pot is for you. You are a Youth Corper and just started serving, you need this pot set. You just started a new family, this is for you. You are a student, please grab this.You just relocated to a new town, you definitely need this. You just got transferred, you need to get this. You are a bachelor or spinster, this is for you. You want to gift that newly wed a wedding gift, do not miss this.Very affordable and durable.
Bundle set comprises of:1 Set 3 Pot



This set of two comprises of:
1 Set 4 Pot with it’s covers
It comprises of 6, 7,8 and 9 inches pots
For Beginners
For Students
For Young Couple
For Youth Corpers
For Bachelors and Spinster
It’s a must buy


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