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Kids Tablet, 120+ English Apps Preloaded, 7″, 1+8G Android

18,500.00 16,500.00


  • English edition
  • designed for kids 2-6 years old
  • Whole brain education
  • Parents guideline
  • Anti-addiction, protective case
  • 120+ preloaded learning apps
  • 1 x Kids learning tablet computer
    1 x English manual
    1 x Wall charger
    1 x USB charging data cable
    1 x DC charging data cable



  • Contents including Enlish, math, whole brain education, science, arts, stories, interactive games, help reinforce and promote language ability, creativity, imagination, attention, memory, logic thinking, judgement and so on
  • 120+ learning and EQ training Apps are designed exclusively by educational experts from USA, Italy&China with concepts “Whole Brain Education” for children 2 to 6 years old, learn and play anytime&anywhere without connecting WiFi
  • The age-appropriate apps create a wonderful way for kids to see, listen, feel and observe the world in the key stage of developing abilities of the brain that’s a great gift for kids
  • Parents guideline written by preschool educators for each game outlines the purpose, the concept, why and how and the possible benefits of each learning Apps for kids during children’s each growing stage
  • Android System with WiFi and Bluetooth, you can use it as an ordinary tablet to download other apps,note too much apps will result in running slowly

B.B.PAW learning tablet focuses on kids education. Taking the latest “Whole Brain Education” as the core idea, it plans all learning contents and software according to the brain development patterns and psychological development characteristics of kids at different ages, in an effort to fully unleash kids’ brain potential and improve their brain’s ability including creativity, imagination, language ability, social skills and so on.
Whole Brain Education is a vital core idea of B.B.PAW. Lots of researches and practices show that there are different critical periods in the development of specific functions (logical thinking, space, language, etc.) during the early learning process, which might be associated with the growth and trim of brain synapses. From the number and density of synapses, we can see that the age of 0 to 4 has the faster development of synapses. Until the end of childhood, the number and density of synapses is much higher than that of adults. So for kids aged 4 to 6, external stimuli is intended to strengthen links among useful synapses, increase the number of useful synapses, and “trim” unwanted synapses. So according to brain development and psychological characteristics of kids at different ages, B.B.PAW team which consists of well-known domestic and foreign experts with professional background of preschool education or psychology related background and frontline teaching experience develops APPs target specifically an ability and purposefully enhance or trim synapses. Thus kids’ brain can be comprehensively shaped, and the full potential of the brain can be achieved.
B.B. PAW hopes to make contribution to kids education through unremitting efforts and enable the kids not only to learn, but also study conscientiously, happily and comprehensively. As a kids education brand, B.B.PAW looks forward to growing together, making progress together and witnessing miracles with millions of kids!


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